Q. Why should I give to Vanderbilt?

As our world continues to face great challenges like the global pandemic, your support of Vanderbilt students and faculty means more than ever.

  • You provide scholarships for students who will help a world in crisis and ensure that a Vanderbilt education remains accessible for all qualified students.
  • You fund resources that allow us to seize new opportunities, overcome unexpected hardships and extend learning beyond the classroom into virtual spaces.
  • You fuel research and innovation, including cross-disciplinary collaborations that address the medical, societal and interpersonal effects of the pandemic.
  • You help our students reach their full potential and prepare them to be the next generation of leaders in businesses, organizations and communities across the globe.

Q. Can I give to any area of the university?

Yes. Your school, athletics, or your favorite student group can all benefit from your generosity! Feel free to make a gift to the area of Vanderbilt that is most meaningful to you.

Q. Is there a minimum gift amount?

The minimum gift amount is $1. Our goal for the day is based on participation, and gifts of all sizes are greatly appreciated. When our entire community comes together to support Vanderbilt, big things can happen.

Q. Are Vanderbilt gift contributions tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation of your gift, as well as a gift receipt in the mail. If you have questions about the tax deductibility of your gift, please consult with your tax professional.

Q. Who will receive my contact information?

Only Vanderbilt will have access to your name and contact information. This information is used solely to send thank you messages, provide the option to receive future notifications, and to notify you of future activities.

Q. Who can I contact with additional questions about giving to Vanderbilt

If you have questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Annual Giving at (866) 882-3863 or email annualgiving@vanderbilt.edu.